Drama workshop includes structured modules on different age groups, so that all participants have a similar level of understanding and perception of the lessons.


For the small children Vila de Arte can be the place where the stories they have been told by their mothers or grandmothers become true. We’re like a family, we have created an environment where the kids will be able to spend nice and constructive time, learn to discover themselves and evolve. It’s like a game, but a constructive one!


By doing simple exercises, kids gradually learn what it means self-knowledge and deciphering the text. From reading the text to memorizing it, it’s but a step, as children are like sponges, having an enviable memory.


This ” game ” called drama, easy for some of us, but complicated in essence, have to be taken very seriously because, by learning all the mechanisms that lead to the achievement of the artistic act, it develops the memory, the imagination. The children become confident, free, discover their artistic qualities with which they were endowed and solve the diction problems. Psychologists say that all children should enjoy drama and music therapies for a healthy and harmonious development!


After a period in which your children take part in our workshops, you will notice how confident and open they will become. They will surprise you with their personal interpretations and even decisions. It will shape their personality!


Give your children the chance to discover their skills, preferences, special abilities and their oratorical talent! Your children should be encouraged and supported. Your applause will be the reward for their hard work and effort. Periodically, you will be invited to see the results of their efforts.


Each of us wants to have strong and trained kids. For this it’s not enough to ask, we need to take time to invest in themselves.



Price – 85 Ron / session (Each session is 90 minutes). Price for purchasing a monthly subscription of 4 sessions – 300 Ron.